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Kalkhoff Agattu B8 Excite €3,250

Comfortable, confidence-inspiring and well-equipped, the Kalkhoff Agattu B8 Excite is a safe and easy way to cut any journey down to size, or to open up new areas you’ve yet to explore. The Bosch Active Line Plus Motor is a quiet, yet powerful drive unit that is ready to give all the acceleration you need up to 25 km/h.

Easy Wave frame that is low for easy mount / dismount. Available in S45 – ideal for the person who wants to put their feet on the ground immediately when stopped.

Assistance up to 150km for one charge.

This Agattu has a Gates Belt Drive – completely clean, strong, and maintenance-free!



Other Features:

Bosch 250W Active Line Plus Motor

Bosch 500 Wh Power Pack Battery

Schimano Nexus 8 Speed

Bosch Intuvia LCD, with control panel and walk-assist

2 Year Warranty

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