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My Miracle Kreidler!

My message is I cycled recently from Francis Street in Dublin to my home in Waterford over three days on my new Kreidler Vitality Eco 6. Loaded with two panniers it proved to be the perfect touring bike. I was not prepared for the range miracle however! After drifting off course leaving Dublin I lost significant range to my destination in Baltinglass and began to contemplate having to stop much earlier than I had planned. I even pushed the bike up a very long hill in order to conserve the diminishing power. But to my amazement (and huge relief) as I remounted and pedalled I saw the range climb from a remaining 35K to a whopping 105K. I also had an equivalent range boost over all the options. I arrived at Baltinglass with loads to spare and in great shape. I made another terrible navigation error on the following day but the range was no problem again. I’m convinced that the rear wheel has a dynamo that boosts the battery. Nothing like this happened on my old Kalkoff which when it was out of juice it was out of juice. I look forward to many more miracles!


Damien McLellan

CVW Reply: We are delighted that you are so pleased with your new Kreidler, Damien. While only a miracle Kreidler could recharge itself, we agree that they do seem to go forever on each charge!!

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